Monday, April 13, 2009

March/April 2009 Issue of The Sleuth

Issue Contents:

Calling All Sleuths: Editor's Note By Jennifer Fisher

The Clue Conundrum: Togo Trivia

Togo Or Not Togo By Jennifer Fisher

The Nancy Drew Crookbook Part IV By Caroline Stellings

The Nancy Drew Lecture Series By Danielle Weingarten

Deconstructing The Digests - Debunking The Misconceptions Surrounding The Nancy Drew Paperbacks#82 - The Clue in the Camera By Todd H. Latoski

From The Series Book Blogosphere A Blog Reprint By Jennifer White

The Series Auction Sleuth: Tandy & Nappi Paintings For Auction By Jennifer Fisher

A Book's Life: Nancy's Mysterious Letter By Pamela J. Horack

Crazy Eights with Michael G. Cornelius - Danger on the Great Lakes: PT 1 By Michael G. Cornelius

Series Spotlight: Getting to Know Judy Bolton By J.K.

Drewggle: Cats Pt II Compiled By Amriel Simpson

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: A Look Back at TV's First Nancy Drew: Episode 1.14 -Mystery Of The Solid Gold KickerBy Todd H. Latoski

The Dean's List By Dean Burcham

The Sleuth LettersSleuths Chat About Their Nancy Drew Cover Art Painting Wish Lists

Nancy Drew NewsNancy Drew's Survival Guide: Sleuth Lesson #16

The Scoop on Upcoming Issues, Clue Conundrum Answers

Classic Nancy Drew Book Illustrations Series #4: The Mystery At Lilac Inn


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