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August '08 E-News & Clues


Summer flew by! Hope you all had a great summer, it's winding down now, fall is fast approaching! That means some of you will be traveling along soon to Bird-in-Hand, PA for our 8th annual convention: Sept. 30-Oct. 5. We have quite a crowd converging in the area this year, so I'm looking forward to meeting new faces and seeing old chums. Lots of newbies this year! For those you not attending, look for lots of recaps in our Sept/Oct issue of The Sleuth. We'll also do some blogging here during the convention too.

I was really pleased to get to license Nancy Drew for the convention again and get the leeway to do so many different things with it--we've got lots of neat vintage images and items this year! See info below!

In this E-News & Clues: Cookbook Reprints?, The Sleuth, Sleuth Convention Merchandise FS, & Nancy Drew News.


We sold 100 of our 150 planned cookbooks, the last 50 were never printed. Is there sufficient interest to print the last 50? If you'd like to have one of the Sleuth cookbook/scrapbooks which turned out really nice, e-mail me. I'll need 50 orders before I will print them up. If you got one and wanted a second, this is your chance.

Here was our info page on the cookbook--however, disregard price and shipping at this time, as I'll need to get a quote at the printers and shipping has gone up at the PO since this info was posted. My guess is that cookbooks will stay around 15 to 20 each and shipping media about 4.25 to include box/packing materials. Priority would be flat rate at about 10.00. Overseas/Canada would be much more expensive now that shipping options have changed.



Reminder: The Sept/Oct issue of The Sleuth will run a tad late to include convention info/write ups, and photos.

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I think we've outdone ourselves this year for our Nancy Drew Sleuth convention merchandise! We have officially licensed Nancy Drew again from Simon & Schuster/G&D and have expanded greatly on our merchandise both as to artwork styles and as to products available! Lots more art and more products. Also all sizes, kids/jrs/women/unisex for the clothing and many more clothing selections this year. Any clothing not labeled "jrs/kids/or womens" is unisex and can be worn by women and men.

Limited quantity/limited time--sales only through October 31st. I won't have a lot of this at the convention due to space/leftovers issues so Cafe Press is the place to shop!

You can learn more about the shop, see sample images of what we're using on the products and see sample product images at our website: (There's a neat slide show of the images!)


Or go straight to our Cafe Press shop and start shopping:


I have kept the images somewhat small on the samples page, due to copyright issues and image stealers on the web, though it's not foolproof, however, if you go to the Cafe Press shop--using the above link--all you have to do is enter a section, click on a product, say for example a totebag, and then on the page that comes up, click on the "view larger" link under the product image. Then click on the "zoom in on image" link on the page that comes up--it will zoom in on the product image where you can read the slogans/phrases.

We really went vintage this year and are using a lot more vintage Nancy Drew cover art as well as the cute and whimsical blue multi pic endpapers! Plus the Witch Tree covers--our theme--and a neat Nancy Drew silhouette hex sign created by Sleuth Kelly Boettlin that turned out great!

We've got mystery slogans, kitschy humor/slogans all using vintage images as well as a fabulous collage of Nancy Drew images and actual phrases from the classic Nancy Drew books spoken by Nancy and her chums--each collage has different phrases on it.

I think everyone will be pleased with the way the shop has turned out--if we do pretty successful sales, we might turn this into a more long term licensing venture, so support the shop and you may be able to get some of these things year round in the future!

It's located as usual at Cafe Press, and it's designed by sections--each section is by image, so click on a section and you'll see all products available with that particular image. Very user friendly, very easy to shop.

And a bonus, soon to be available only at our Sleuths website (NOT Cafe Press), in September, will be very limited quantity altered art items using vintage book covers: beaded handle Nancy Drew Handbags with vintage covers, and scrapbooking kits, and journals using vintage book covers.

AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW: Altered Art Nancy Drew Charms at our website:


22 styles, 4 of each style for sale, so limited quantities!


August 2008 Releases:

Papercutz: Sleight of Dan
Nancy Drew Girl Detective: Ghost Stories


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