Monday, March 3, 2008

Sleuth Gift Exchanges--Your Thoughts?


I am putting this out there for commentary by members about the gift exchanges we do four times a year: Valentine's Day, Summer Exchange, Halloween Exchange, and Holidays Exchange. The number of people signing up for exchanges has dwindled--especially for the Valentine and Summer, but last year the Halloween and Holiday exchanges were much smaller than usual. I'm not sure if people are getting too busy, just aren't crafty enough, or have had problems with the exchange and haven't let me know, so just silently quit doing them. I'm wondering if maybe we do too many each year for people to keep up. I have received complaints from half a dozen members in the last year that gifts are not clever enough or crafty enough--not a lot of thought put into them, some have arrived weeks late, some never arrived or were never sent, no thank yous were sent out for a gift received and the like, so it might appear that basic etiquette is a problem--Nancy would always send a thank you folks:) So, here's my question, and I'll base my decision on my past experience with the exchanges and feedback I receive in the next week or two:

1. Do you want to see the exchanges just cut back to Halloween and December Holidays only?
2. Just the December Holidays?
3. Keep it the way it is?
4. Quit doing them.

Some interesting gifts received in the past: Nancy Drew apron with Gumshoe Girls fabric and a Nancy Drew book in chocolate:


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
I'm new so I have not ever participated in the gift exchange.
But for me, I think doing it more than once a year would be difficult-especially if I am going to be creative/crafty or clever. I like the idea of doing it at Valentine's Day. Mostly because there are not a lot of other demands at that time of year.
Thanks for all you do!
Warm regards, Dore' Charbonneau

Jenn said...

We're going to go to 2 times per year:

Spring Exchange
Spooky Sleuths Halloween Exchange.

And possible summer craft theme exchanges like this year's vintage book exchange.